Fr. Patrick Fogarty, 1925 – 1949

Fr. Patrick Fogarty remained the parish pastor until his death on January 9, 1949. He was described as “a fiery priest”. He built a small church in Richmond that was eventually dedicated to St. Paul. The church was built on a donated wedge of seemingly useless land of the intersection of Granville and Garden City Road. ┬áIt became the site of a parish, formed out of the Lulu Island portion of St. Anthony’s parish.

On June 20, 1948 six month before he died, Fr. Fogarty was solemnly invested as a Domestic Prelate, an honour he shared with his parishioners.

For many years during his term at St. Anthony’s, Fr. Fogarty planned and raised funds for a new and bigger church at 73rd Avenue and Montcalm Street in Vancouver. He did not live long enough to see his dream come true, but he will always be remembered for his vision.