Fr. Ronald Thompson, 1992-2006 (July 12th)

Fr. Thompson came to St. Anthony’s Parish as a young pastor in his late 30s. He made great strides to improve the Parish. He reopened St. Anthony’s School and pursued a vigorous program to attract more students. Under his direction, construction of a new addition to the school became a reality. He also worked to increase the spirituality of the parishioners. Fr. Thompson initiated Sunday vespers before the evening mass, and the recitation of the divine office before weekday morning masses. He started the Oblate of St. Benedict, and put together a spiritual books and video films library. Fr. Thompson reinvigorated the Youth Group.  With a lot of energy to spare, he also took the “young-at-heart” seniors to several outings each year. He was also responsible for the installation of the organ pipes in the choir loft and improvements to the church structure (e.g. awning in front of the church, the sheltered walk way between the church and the rectory, marble communion rail, and tiled sanctuary). He also installed the fabulous stained glass windows of the 12 Apostles.

Fr. Thompson was born in Vancouver, one of four children of James Thompson and Catherine Rooney. He attended St. Andrew’s school, where he taught altar servers (including the Latin responses) until grade 12. He attended John Oliver High School, the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, Resurrection College, University of Waterloo in Ontario, St. Peter’s Seminary, and University of Western Ontario. He was ordained on May 5, 1979. Before he came to St. Anthony’s he served at St. Patrick’s in Vancouver (with Fr. Sorel), St. Mary’s in Chilliwack, St. Edmonds in North Vancouver, St. John the Apostle in Vancouver, and Holy Cross in Burnaby.